Official Release of Public Lobbies!

We’re excited to announce the official release of public lobbies! This is a pivotal moment for the future of Poker Patio and our growing community as we continue building our platform. With public lobbies, you can hop in a game and play live against players worldwide at any time (no registration required!). 

Public lobby specs:

  • Lobby filtering/preview: Filter lobbies (ascending/descending) by table name, player count, stakes, avg. pot, and avg. stack. When you select a table to join, a table preview appears, displaying the usernames and stacks of the players in the lobby.
  • Quick join: Join an active playable game without filtering through the list.
  • Profanity/spam blockers: We installed profanity/spam blockers in chat. Please note that usernames can still include profanity, and variations of profanity can still be sent in chat. We plan to update with more robust profanity blockers on username/chat in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone, we hope you enjoy it! ♠️

IMPORTANT: Since this launch is still Beta testing, you may experience bugs; feel free to report any bugs or share feedback here (or email [email protected]).