Our Design Philosophy & Long-Term Goals at Poker Patio

The eventual goal for Poker Patio is to become an all-encompassing go-to destination for free poker. From playing and learning poker to making friends and more, Poker Patio will have numerous features/use cases. Still, it will always keep the idea of simplicity, elegance, and ease of navigation at its core – If you’re familiar with a similar site for chess (chess.com), we love the idea of building some similar user-focused hub, but for poker.

While there are many free poker apps and websites out there already, they all have certain downsides that don’t really make them a great destination, particularly for casual players. For example, they may have a complex UI with too many features pointed at you, no way to connect and play quickly with others, are riddled with bots, or they are hidden behind a register/login wall (forcing you to register without even being able to engage with the site/app!).

We believe poker can be so much better, and shared with many more people, if we can address a few of those very common issues, by:

  • Allowing users to jump into a game with friends or strangers (no registration required!)
  • We want the game to be approachable to casual/newbie players (and not only offer limited chip-based play like some sites, which makes it extremely unfriendly and hard to have a fun experience for new users).
  • Players should not have to go through 10s of hoops to find a game to play, or when they get in a game, be overwhelmed by complex UIs, and UIs that often make simple actions like betting or raising very cumbersome.
  • In this day and age, offering a quality mobile experience (on any device/screen size), is simply a must.
  • We want to offer you a reliable, scalable and bug-free online poker experience, while providing enough tools to customize your gameplay/UI.

Non-Predatory/User-Friendly Monetization

Now there is a reason why there’s no such poker site out yet – developing such a site takes a lot of time, effort and money, and ultimately the website has to be monetized in some way, to cover running and development costs. So unfortunately, for us to develop such a complex and wide side, monetization of some form will be necessary. But we believe that by first ensuring we can offer you such an experience, the monetization will follow that.

One Design Philosophy & Keeping Things Free/Unlimited

Design and simplicity are fundamental to all aspects of life. As Leonardo Da Vinci famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

When we started Poker Patio, we prioritized simplicity and elegance at all levels of the design. Our goal was to deliver a robust poker experience, whilst remaining simple and elegant. On the site, you’ll never have to close multiple popups or question how to do “XYZ” when attempting to play poker. You can start/join a game in under 10 seconds with just a few clicks.

If we offer something for free, that will remain so in perpetuity if at all possible. For example, we envision the current bot game, private games, and public lobbies to always be registration free and available to all.

While we will build additional login systems, and potential other game modes (such as ranked ladders), or even additions to the free variants of the game (QoL, UX, social features, customization, etc.) those will be an addition on top of the completely free core, that more advanced users will want to use. And that will help us expand the site to those wanting to experience more, while helping us support and extend the website further.

While Poker Patio will continue to become more feature-robust over time, as we have lots of plans for the future, we’ll never stray from the idea of simplicity and keeping the site open to all!